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Abe's Snorkeling | Vieques Island

What You Need To Know


Please keep in mind that you need to stay overnight in Vieques if you plan to see our Biobay.

Vieques Island is a separate island from the main island of Puerto Rico.  You must take a ferry or a plane to get here.  You can fly to Vieques directly from San Juan (about 25 minutes across) or drive to Ceiba (near Fajardo) and take a ferry (about an hour) or a small plane (about 8 minutes to get across).

Here are some links to help you plan your travel.  We also recommend renting a vehicle if possible so that you can visit our many remote beaches and see the best Vieques has to offer while you’re here. For the ferry schedule, please visit this page for more information.

Book Flights

To book flights to Vieques, please visit the following links:

Charter Flights Airline

Air Flamenco

Vieques Air

Cape Air

Vehicle Rentals

To rent a vehicle in Vieques, please contact the following:

Maritza’s Car Rental

Island Car Rentals

Avis Car Rentals