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Mosquito Pier Snorkeling Tour

Quick Details

Info Important note: Call to Book Only, No Online Booking Available At This Time (787)435-1362.

Adult Ages 12+
Kids Ages 4-11

Snorkeling in Vieques at Mosquito Pier


Beginner Tour:

Mosquito Pier takes place in calm, sheltered waters accessible from a sandy beach. Enjoyed by snorkelers of all levels, it is also the perfect introduction to snorkeling. There is no kayaking on this tour. Walk in and instantly see amazing sights including small corals and dozens of native fish species.

The beginner Mosquito Pier tour includes an instructional session to make you comfortable with using your snorkeling equipment, teach you to breathe while using a snorkel, and help with swimming techniques so that you can make the most of your time in the water. This area features countless underwater marvels, with plenty of opportunities to spot marine life.

Advanced Tour:

On our Advanced Mosquito Pier Tour you will snorkel near the calm, deeper waters near the end of Mosquito Pier and see the incredible ocean ecosystem that has developed since the pier was built. Full of sea life, this is a local favorite snorkeling location for spotting turtles and manatees. This tour is for all levels of swimmers/snorkelers.

What’s Included on Either Tour:

We provide a mask, snorkel, fins, and life vests on either version of this tour.